Bitcoin Concepts was born out of the sheer need for concise bitcoin explainer videos. Founded by Luke Parker, a bitcoin veteran, early adopter, journalist, and entrepreneur with a passion for distributed systems; Luke realized the trick to educating people about bitcoin is to make shareworthy, singular & concise answers for all newbie questions.

Since bitcoin is a complex subject to all newcomers, it is difficult to explain the concepts fully while convincing them the benefits of bitcoin. Too many of the old preconceptions of the legacy system remain in the way of learning. Having had to explain simple concepts of bitcoin to many newbies repeatedly since 2011, and sometimes having to even draw out concepts on napkins, Luke started making videos to point newbies to whenever he is asked simple bitcoin questions.

These videos were crude and started with his immediate circle of contacts, but even still the films are well received and praised even when they were just rough presentations without any animations. It is a common sight for Luke to see people show appreciation for the explanations, especially when they were very short and direct.

After numerous comments and requests, Luke improved his first few draft videos and moving from simple presentations and rough sketches to more animated presentations. With more comments and feedback, Luke put togther a team of experts in various areas needed to better his video. He found artists, animators, researchers, sound mixers, and others with skills required to produce the best videos possible. With limited budget, Luke and his team do their best to make the best videos possible. In March 2015, Bitcoin Concepts was born.

The purpose of Bitcoin Concepts is to demystify bitcoin and make available all answers to common questions that bitcoin newbies and intermediate bitcoiners ask in easy to find and search format. Of course, we welcome any suggestions at any time to better the site and our videos. In addition to question and answer videos, we will also have guest stars where we will animate their characters in the videos. We recognize that everyone is busy and do not have a lot of time to watch a single video fully. To that end, we have designed our videos to be short, concise, informative and fun to watch so our audience will enjoy our videos as well as learn about bitcoin. We hope that our videos will be tremendously beneficial as well as entertaining so as many people as possible will want to share our videos.

If you find yourself explaining the basic concepts in bitcoin to newbies around the web repetitively, we encourage you to simply find the film answering that questions here,  grab the YouTube URL from just below the video, and paste it into the comment area, post, tweet, or thread directly to save yourself lots of time and energy.

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